Setting Up, Managing and Operation of Call Center for Government Information Center



The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is the main Service Provider to citizens.  Each citizen will need to interact with government organizations for various requirements throughout their lives.  The starting point of these interactions is the obtaining of information – citizens want to know, and on how they can obtain a government service. Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources, the lack of citizen-centeredness and cross-functional process clarity, citizens are given incomplete or wrong information by various government bodies. This results in multiple visits by a citizen to a government organization, frustration, delays and at times, inability to obtain the required services.


The ICT Agency envisaged a call centre which enables citizens to call and obtain information about all government services.  This call center with an easy-to-remember telephone number ‘1919’ was activated as the government ‘Help Desk’, similar to those established and operated successfully in other countries. The center was staffed by professional and courteous Service Providers who provide information to citizens in all 3 languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English).
The service, The GIC – 1919 was officially launched in August 2006 and operated under the eSri Lanka program. The operations of the call centre have been out sourced to a private call centre operator through an annual competitive Bidding process. GIC has now completed just over 10 years of operations.


•    To provide information of government services for citizens
•    To receive complains/ grievances from citizens
•    To provide online information of government services
•    To assist citizen to obtain online services through Lanka Gate

In Essence

The main objective in setting up the GIC call center is to handle inbound calls, in all three languages (Sinhala, Tamil and English), from citizens requesting information related to any Government Service.

•    Improve the digital economy
•    Reduce road traffic by efficient online government services
•    Increase services by the government
•    Increase online participation of citizens

Total Calls 2015 – 1753253

Total Calls 2016 –  1838632