Unified Ticketing and Billing Platform

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation (MoT), National Transport Commission (NTC) and the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) in collaboration with relevant stakeholders shall implement a convenient payment system for commuters of public transport: a ‘Unified Ticketing and Billing Platform’, as the Government’s major infrastructure facility for ticketing and billing. The general public, related government organizations and private businesses shall benefit through this initiative.
This platform will be used for other ticketing and billing purposes such as ticketing for cinema theaters, ticketing for sports matches, tollgate payments etc, in the future.



• Provide user friendly and reliable payment mechanism for commuters
• Collecting transport revenue conveniently
• Collecting data related to passenger routs to create intelligence transportation system

In Essence

The Unified Ticketing and Billing Platform will be initially cater for the ticketing and billing requirements of public transport and in future it will cater for the ticketing and billing purposes of other areas such as sports, cinema etc.

• Improve the digital economy

• Stimulating digital entrepreneurship

Vehicle Category 2013
Omnibuses          12,644
Private Coaches  31,670
Three-Wheelers 1,763,976

Source: National Transport Statistics 2014, National Transport Commission.