Video Conferencing Facilities to Ministries & Government Organizations

Among many of the projects deployed with a vision to Digitize the Government of Sri Lanka, Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) will implement the ‘Video Conferencing Facility’ in ministries and departments.
Ministers, secretaries and government officials involved in the strategic decision making process of the government require frequent travel between Government institutions to hold meetings. This involves high expenditure on travel where valuable time is spent on the road.  Once considered too expensive and complex for everyday use, secure video conferencing is now affordable and easy to use.  Therefore, using the latest technology available, ICTA will implement a video conferencing facility which, along with relevant training, will pave way for faster decision making by ministries and departments. It will help these government organizations to minimize the cost and time and to improve the productivity, allowing them to serve citizens more effectively.
In phase 1 of the project, 100 government organizations will be facilitated with the facility. Selected government organizations will include ministries, department and prominent government institutions.

The main objective of this initiative is to improve productivity and efficiency of the Government services by using the latest technology. ,
Video conferencing is an ideal way to conduct all types of meetings. Among many of its advantages, videoconferencing can be arranged when the same government official cannot be in two locations at the same time. In In addition to budgetary considerations, a videoconference eliminates the time of travel for all parties involved. With reference to safety considerations, a videoconference deposition can be arranged easily, eliminating the difficulty of making travel arrangements and coordinating schedules.
ICTA is looking forward to complete phase one of this project by the end of year 2017.


To improve the efficiency, speed-up decision making, reduce costs and save time of the Ministers and Government officials to better serve the Citizens by adapting Video Conferencing solution within the Ministries and Government organizations.


In Essence

Improved Government decision making process and save overall annual spending on conducting meetings and save valuable time of Ministers and Officials.

Phase 1 will be cover 100 government organizations to implement video conferencing facility.