“A Digitally Inclusive Sri Lanka.”

Plan of Action

March 2016:

  • Self evolving Information Exchange Network to be integrated
  • Institutive and citizens friendly multi-channel presentation framework and platform

September 2016:

  • Modern regulated and non regulated standard framework for evolving to be implemented

Digital Infrastructure

  • Phase 1 a) – 3,500 Government Building
  • Phase 1 b) Google Loon
  • Phase 2 – 4,500 Government Buildings
  • Phase 3 – Efficiency Development in sector

Digital Devices infrastructure roll-out

  • Phase 1 – One Million Tabs device strategy
  • Phase 2 – Omni channel delivery devices
  • Phase 3 – Another One Million Devices

Cyber Security Development

  • Phase 1 – National CSOC
  • Phase 2 – NextGen( CERT)
  • Legal & Policy Development (in three phases)
  • Big Data for Evidence based decision making, monitoring, including predictive analytics within government and outside government
  • Digital Institutive and Presentation Development
  • Content Development Eco System


If planned and implemented successfully, the vision of ICTA will bring about the following results in the country:

  • Enhanced social lives of citizens as well as a preserved environment
  • An ecosystem for digital innovation and creativity
  • National efficiency building
  • Delivery of government, education and healthcare services in realtime
  • A higher Network, Happiness and Economic Index for the country
  • Sri Lanka will be positioned as a knowledge based economy which means the next generation of tourists will be knowledge exploration tourists