Who We Are

We, Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka is the apex ICT institution of the Government.  In terms of the Information and Communication Technology Act No. 27 of 2003, (ICT Act)  ICTA has been mandated to take all necessary measures to implement the Government’s Policy and Action Plan in relation to ICT.  In terms of Section 6 of the ICT Act, ICTA is required to assist the Cabinet of Ministers in the formulation of the National Policy on ICT and provide all information necessary for its formulation.

ICTA, is a wholly owned institution by the Government of Sri Lanka, which was formulated and operationalized to implement the e-Sri Lanka Development Project funded by the World bank from 2004 to 2011. Through the eSri Lanka Development Project, ICT was to be used to develop the economy of Sri Lanka, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the people of Sri Lanka. However due to the significant progress made in the nation and its society by ICTA, the Government understood its significance and need for ICTA’s permanent existence, the sunset clause of ICT Act of 2003 has been amended in 2008.

Currently we are a permanent institution overseen by Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, and Inter Ministerial Committee which consists of

  • Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure,
  • Minister of Finance,
  • Minister of Education,
  • Minister of Justice,
  • Minister of Public Law and Order,
  • Minister, Minister for Investment Promotion,
  • Minister Policy Planning,
  • Minister, State Minister Defense,
  • Sectary Defense,
  • Secretary Public Administration,
  • Secretary of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure  
  • Chairperson ICTA 
  • Managing Director, ICTA

With this strong governance setup, we are a combination of Government Officials and Private Sector officials, who come together as Consultants and Experts to help the nation foster its growth where it is required via ICT enablement. We are set of

  • Very Dynamic set of specialized Project Managers
  • Architects and Technical Experts
  • Cross Cultural Professionals, who understand all the cultural matters
  • Language experts
  • Evaluation experts

who are self-motivated and satisfied leaders of ICTA who are proud to say that we change lives of Sri Lanka.