Right to Information

Primary objective of the Right to Information Act is to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in public authorities by giving effect to the right of access to information and thereby promote a society in which the people of Sri Lanka would be able to more fully participate in public life through combating corruption and promoting accountability and good governance. ICTA commits to transparency and accountability by disclosing certain information through our website. Yet, there could be information that are of particular interest to our stakeholders.

In this case you are free to contact the below mentioned information officer under the terms of Right to Information Act. Before making a particular request we kindly encourage you to go through our web page carefully to see that the information you are seeking are already published in our website.

Please try to use the information requested form (Form 01) at your discretion when lodging a RTI request with us. Note that completion of this Form is not a compulsory requirement to make a request for information and that any written letter, e-mail or a verbal request with the essential information to identify the requested information is sufficient.

01. Upon making the request for information either in verbal or written form, obtain the written acknowledgment from the Information Officer.

02. The decision whether to grant the information or not shall be given as expeditiously as possible and in any case within 14 days.

03. If a decision is made to provide the information, the information officer will inform the citizen making the request that the information will be provided on the payment of a fee in accordance with the Fee Schedule prescribed by the Right to Information Commission. If the information is subject to payment of fee, the information shall be provided within 14 days of the payment. Information will be provided within 14 days of the decision if there is no requirement to pay a fee.

04. If, after payment of fees the information cannot be provided within 14 days, the person making the request will be informed that there will be a further extension period – up to a maximum of 21 days – to provide the information and given reasons for the extension.

05. When the request relates to the life and personal liberty of a citizen the information officer shall provide a response to the request within 48 hours.

06. An appeal may be made in situations where,

i. The Information Officer refuses a request made for information
ii. The Information Officer refuses access to the information on the ground that such information is exempted from being granted under Section 5
iii. Non -compliance with time frames specified in the Act
iv. The Information Officer granted incomplete, misleading or false information
v. The Information Officer charged excessive fees
vi. The Information Officer refused to provide information in the form requested
vii. The citizen making the request had reasonable grounds to believe that information has been deformed, destroyed or misplaced to prevent him/her from having access to the information

An appeal to the Designated Officer is to be made within 14 days.

07. When making an appeal as mentioned in Section 6 above, kindly complete and hand over Form 10 to the Designated Officer mentioned below.Usage of Form 10 is not compulsory. A citizen making a request can make the appeal by a letter with the basic information indicated in Form 10 justifying the appeal.

Dear information seeker, whilst you request information, we would also like to have your feedback or suggestions about our website as we are an entity that is committed to continuous improvement.

Information Officer
Mr. Jagath Seneviratne
Program Head – Monitoring and Evaluation
Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
160/24, Kirimandala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.
Tel: +94 11 236 9100, +94 112 369036, +94 112 369099
Fax: +94 112369091, +94 112 368387
Email: jagath@icta.lk

Designated Officer
Mrs Chitranganie Mubarak
Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
160/24, Kirimandala Mawatha,
Colombo 05.
Tel: +94 11 236 9100, +94 112 369036, +94 112 369099
Fax: +94 112369091, +94 112 368387
Email: chitranganie@icta.lk

Right to Information Commission of Sri Lanka
Room No 203-204, Block 2,
Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall,
Colombo 07.
Tele: +94 112 691007, +94112691625, +94 112 691625
Email: rti.commission16@gmail.com
Website: www.rti.gov.lk  / www.rticommission.lk

1. Right to Information Act – SinhalaEnglishTamil
2. Regulations of Right to Information Act – SinhalaEnglishTamil