Right to Information

Right of Access to Information

At ICTA, we believe in transparency and accountability, which is why we fully support the Right to Information (RTI) Act, No: 12 of 2016. Our aim is to provide you with easy access to the information you need, and to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

How to request Information

To request information from ICTA, you can simply fill out the Information request applicaton form (Form RTI 01), or submit a written request to our Information Officer. You can also make a request in person by speaking directly with our Information Officer. We’re here to help you get the information you need.

Appealing to the Designated Officer

If you’re ever denied access to information, or if you believe that the information you received was incomplete, misleading, or false, you have the right to appeal to the Designated Officer. By filling out an appeal Form RTI 10 within fourteen days of the incident, you can ensure that your voice is heard, and your rights are protected. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your right to access information.

Costs for Information Requests

We strive to make information as accessible as possible, and we believe in transparent pricing for our services. Here’s what you can expect for the following types of requests:

    A4 size

(one side)

A4 size

(both sides)

Legal size and up to A3 (one side) Legal size and up to A3 (both sides) Bigger than A3
       i. Photocopying Rs.2/- Rs.4/- Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Actual Cost
     ii. Printout Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Actual Cost
  • Copying information to an electronic device provided by the citizen making the request: Rs. 20/-
  • Copying information to an electronic device provided by the Public Authority: Actual cost
  • Study or inspection of any document or material, or inspection of a construction site taking longer than one hour: Rs. 50/- per hour, with the first hour provided free of charge
  • Samples or models: Actual cost
  • Information provided via e-mail: Free of charge.

Contact details.

Information Officer
Mr. Jagath Seneviratne
Director – Monitoring and Evaluation
Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
No. 490, R A De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 03.
Tel: +94 112 369099
Fax: +94 112 369091
Email: jagath@icta.lk

Designated Officer
Mr. Mahesh Perera
Chief Executive Officer
Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
No. 490, R A De Mel Mawatha
Colombo 03.
Tel: +94 112 369099
Fax: +94 112 369091
Email: ceo@icta.lk

Right to Information Commission of Sri Lanka
Room No 203-204, Block 2,
Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall,
Colombo 07.
Tele: +94 112 691007, +94112691625, +94 112 691625
Email: rti.commission16@gmail.com
Website: www.rti.gov.lk  / www.rticommission.lk

Chairman and Commissioners of the Right to Information Commission

  • Retired Judge Upali Abeyrathna (Chairman)
  • Retired Judge P. R. Walgama (Member of Comission)
  • Senior Attorney Miss. Kishali Pinto Jayawardane (Member of Comission)
  • Attorney Jagath Liyanarachchi (Member of Comission)

Number of requests accommodated.

RTI No. Name of the Requester Date of Request
ICTA/RTI/FEB/2017/01 Sumithra Kannangara 14/02/2017
ICTA/RTI/MAR/2017/02 Wasantha Deshapriya 02/03/17
ICTA/RTI/MAR/2017/03 Shabiya Ahlam 02/03/17
ICTA/RTI/MAR/2017/04-A Mrs Sumithra Kannangara 08/03/17
ICTA/RTI/MAR/2017/04-B Mrs Sumithra Kannangara 10/03/17
ICTA/RTI/MAR/2017/05 Enosh Praveen 10/03/17
ICTA/RTI/MAY/2017/06 Naveen Lakshiutha Chandrasekara 23/05/2017
ICTA/RTI/JUL/2017/07 Supun Wijesundara, Director 05/07/17
ICTA/RTI/JUL/2017/08 Ms Sumithra Kannangara/ Ms.Sonali Wanigabaduge 25/07/2017
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/09 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/10 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/11 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/12 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/13 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/14 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/15 Vinura Jayasekara 01/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/16 Shehani Seneviratne 10/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/17 Sumithra Kannangara 11/08/17
ICTA/RTI/AUG/2017/18 Muhunthan Canagasooriyam 24/08/2017
ICTA/RTI/SEP/2017/19 Raisa Wickrematunge 13/09/2017
ICTA/RTI/SEP/2017/20 Thareendra Kalpage 13/09/2017
ICTA/RTI/SEP/2017/21 Thareendra Kalpage 18/09/2017
ICTA/RTI/SEP/2017/22 Thareendra Kalpage 25/09/2017
ICTA/RTI/OCT/2017/23 Thareendra Kalpage 19/10/2017
ICTA/RTI/OCT/2017/24 Thareendra Kalpage 19/10/2017
ICTA/RTI/NOV/2017/25 Navinda Kariyawasam 30/10/2017
ICTA/RTI/DEC/2017/26 R A Ganith Dithula Nilendra Perera 18/12/2017
ICTA/RTI/DEC/2017/27 R A Ganith Dithula Nilendra Perera 18/12/2017
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/28 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/29 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/30 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/31 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/32 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/33 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/34 Vinura Jayasekara 10/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/35 Anushan Kapilan 12/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/36 Anushan Kapilan 12/01/18
ICTA/RTI/JAN/2018/37 Anushan Kapilan 12/01/18
ICTA/RTI/MAY/2018/38 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 08/05/18
ICTA/RTI/MAY/2018/39 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 18/05/2018
ICTA/RTI/JUNE/2018/40 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 06/06/18
ICTA/RTI/JUNE/2018/41 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 13/06/2018
ICTA/RTI/JULY/2018/42 Mr. Mathisha Arangala 13/07/2018
ICTA/RTI/JULY/2018/43 Mr. Malaka Samaraweera 11/09/18
ICTA/RTI/JULY/2018/44 Mr.Dinesh Siriwimala 02/11/18
ICTA/RTI/NOVEMBER/2018/45 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 19/11/2018
ICTA/RTI/SEPTEMBER/2018/46 Mr. Malaka Samaraweera 04/10/18
ICTA/RTI/NOVEMBER/2018/47 Mr. Thareendra Kalpage 19/11/2018
ICTA/RTI/JANUARY/2019/48 Mr. John Wilson 27/12/2018
ICTA/RTI/FEBRUARY/2019/49 Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya 18/02/2019
ICTA/RTI/AUGUST/2019/50 Transparency International Sri Lanka 08/08/19
ICTA/RTI/December/2019/51 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne 05/12/19
ICTA/RTI/MAY/2020/52 Mr. Malaka Samaraweera 12/03/20
ICTA/RTI/September/2020/53 Mr. Malaka Samaraweera 03/09/20
ICTA/RTI/OCTOBER/2020/54 Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya 15/10/2020
ICTA/RTI/February/2021/55 Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya 15/02/2021
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/56 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne  
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/57 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne  
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/58 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne 07/03/21
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/59 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne 07/19/21
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/60 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne 07/19/21
ICTA/RTI/July/2021/61 Mr. Gamini Karunaratne 07/19/21
ICTA/RTI/AUGUST/2021/62 Mr. Irshad Ahamed 08/25/21
ICTA/RTI/SEPTEMBER/2021/63 Mr. Yalith Wasantha Manahara Wijesundara 16.09.2021
ICTA/RTI/MARCH/2022/64 Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya 09/03/22
ICTA/RTI/MARCH/2022/65 Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya 03/21/22
ICTA/RTI/NOVEMBER/2022/67 Mr. Sanjeewa Wijeweera 11/15/22
ICTA/RTI/NOVEMBER/2022/68 Mr. Sanjeewa Wijeweera 11/15/22
ICTA/RTI/NOVEMBER/2022/69 Mr. Mahesh Panditha 10/05/22
ICTA/RTI/DECEMBER/2022/70 Mr. Malaka Samaraweera 12/12/22
ICTA/RTI/MARCH/2023/71 Mrs. Marietta Fernando 10/03/23

Key readings

To promote transparency and accessibility, we’ve provided key documents related to RTI.

  1. Right to Information Act, No: 12 of 2016 – Sinhala– English – Tamil
  2. Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2004/66 – Sinhala– English – Tamil
  3. Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2006/43 (Amendments to Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2004/66) – Sinhala– English – Tamil

By providing these documents, we hope to make it easier for citizens to understand their rights and access the information they need.