Right to Information

    Right of Access to Information

    In compliance with the Right to Information (RTI) Act, No: 12 of 2016, ICTA wish to enhance the transparency and accountability of its activities by giving effect to the right of access to information.

    How to request information

    A citizen who intend to access information of ICTA shall make a request either in writing to the Information Officer specifying the particulars of the information requested for or filling in and handing over Form RTI 01 to the Information Officer. In the event of inability to make the request in writing, the person may make the request orally to the Information Officer in person.

    How to appeal to the Designated Officer

    Any citizen who is aggrieved as a result of;

    • refusing a request for information,
    • refusing access to the information,
    • refusing to provide information in the form requested,
    • non-compliance with the time frames specified by the Act,
    • granting of incomplete, misleading or false information,
    • charging an excessive fees or
    • having reasonable grounds to believe that information has been deformed, destroyed or misplaced to prevent access

    may prefer an appeal to the Designated Officer by filling a Form using the format provided in RTI 10, within fourteen days from the occurrence of such ground on which the appeal is sought to be made.

    Fees to be charged for providing information

        A4 size

    (one side)

    A4 size

    (both sides)

    Legal size and up to A3 (one side) Legal size and up to A3 (both sides) Bigger than A3
           i. Photocopying Rs.2/- Rs.4/- Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Actual Cost
         ii. Printout Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Rs.4/- Rs.8/- Actual Cost


    • Rs. 20/- for copying information onto a Diskette, Compact Disc, USB mass drive, or similar electronic device, provided by the citizen making the request.
    1. Actual cost for copying information onto a Diskette, Compact Disc, USB mass drive, or similar electronic device provided by the Public Authority.
    2. Rs. 50/- per hour for the study or inspection of any document or material, or inspection of a construction site, if this takes longer than one hour, with the first hour of study/inspection being provided free of charge.
    3. Samples or models will be charged the actual cost.
    • Information provided via e-mail will be free of charge.

    The information provided for RTIC is here

    Information Officer
    Mr. Jagath Seneviratne
    Program Head – Monitoring and Evaluation
    Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka
    160/24, Kirimandala Mawatha,
    Colombo 05.
    Tel: +94 112 369099
    Fax: +94 112 369091
    Email: jagath@icta.lk

    Designated Officer

    Right to Information Commission of Sri Lanka
    Room No 203-204, Block 2,
    Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall,
    Colombo 07.
    Tele: +94 112 691007, +94112691625, +94 112 691625
    Email: rti.commission16@gmail.com
    Website: www.rti.gov.lk  / www.rticommission.lk

    1. Right to Information Act, No: 12 of 2016 – Sinhala– English – Tamil
    2. Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2004/66 – Sinhala– English – Tamil
    3. Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2006/43 (Amendments to Gazette Extra Ordinary No: 2004/66) – Sinhala– English – Tamil

    How to contact the RTI Commission

    Address :

    Right to Information Commission
    Rooms No 203-204, Block 2,
    BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
    Colombo 07

    Contact Numbers:

    011 2691007 – Director General
    011 2691625 – Administration Division
    011 2691628 – Leagal Division

    Chairman and Commissioners of the Right to Information Commission

    Retired Judge Upali Abeyrathna (Chairman)
    Retired Judge P. R. Walgama (Member of Comission)
    Senior Attorney Miss. Kishali Pinto Jayawardane (Member of Comission)
    Attorney Jagath Liyanarachchi (Member of Comission)