Digital Signature for Government Entities

The government’s digital transformation initiatives aim to maximize the efficiency and productivity in government service to provide its citizens and businesses a contented service delivery. The Government of Sri Lanka encourages reduced use of paper and manual work to establish time management, productivity, and efficacy within the country’s governance framework. Accordingly, the government has recognized the importance of introducing ‘Digital Signatures’ as an enabler that elevates its information and service delivery. The FAQ on ‘Digital Signatures’ aims to provide an understanding of the concept while addressing critical areas to facilitate users a better experience.

Digital Signatures for Government Entities

Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) for obtaining Digital Signature by Government Entities

Standard Operating Procedure (PDF – English)
Standard Operating Procedure (PDF – Sinhala)
Standard Operating Procedure (PDF – Tamil)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF – English)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF – Sinhala)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF – Tamil)